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Creative Writing with Moriana Delgado (online Session 1 22) is a Course

Creative Writing with Moriana Delgado (online Session 1 22)


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There is a separate application process for this course. If you have not been accepted into the Iowa Young Writers' Studio online Summer Residential Program you are not eligible to enroll.

Creative Writing with Moriana Delgado

Writing often feels like dancing on our own. Like stepping into a new pair of shoes, or jumping into a pool whose water's gone cold where literary genres are but crossroads of each other. Like water is formless until collected, this course will explore various creative uses of vessels in which we write poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, to observe how these genres thrift between and from one another. Through fun impromptu prompts, we will write poems that dive into our fears, short stories that capture the loneliness of virtual communion, nonfiction pieces that offer questions but not, like often thought necessary, answers. We will look to writers who have created their trademark form of metaphor, like Hera Lindsay Bird, Tao Lin, and Brenda Hillman; writers whose work contains cultural and linguistic crossroads, like Valeria Luiselli, and Durga Chew-Bose; authors that have dared to ask what others have taken for granted, like Roxane Gay, Virginia Woolf, and Junichiro Tanizaki. We too will ask ourselves strange questions, for example, why did Ezra Pound name his poem "The Beautiful Toilet"? Can a toilet be beautiful? Ancient Egyptians used the silhouette of a crab as a hieroglyph to write the word ‘writing’ because they considered that’s what crabs did when crawling on sand, leaving behind the trace of their steps. In this course, we will become geese flying across the city through a fisheye lens, we'll rhizome into inverted syntax's vertebrae, we will look closely at the art of comparison, we will write sentences like seesaws, balancing them with unexpected heart-crossed metaphors. But most importantly, we will attempt to leave our trace behind as we move across the boiling sand writing often feels like. By the end of it, not only will you have been part of a space where ideas and words sprout from an invaluable conversation, but you will have a nice collection of your own making: literary pieces that attest to the breadth your voice is capable of reaching.

Moriana Delgado (she/her) is a writer currently living in Iowa City, where she is an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in poetry. She composes poems both in English and Spanish, which have appeared in The Poetry Review, Poetry Foundation, Punto de Partida, and others. She was a fellow at the Foundation for Mexican Literature, and the National Fund for Arts and Culture. Besides writing poems, she likes essaying Chinese in its simplified form.




The fee for this course, which includes the fee for the 2-week session of the online Summer Residential Program, is $575. Payment in full is required to enroll in the course.


Note: Your credit card payment will be processed by an external provider and will appear on your credit card statement as “UI Writing—Magid Center."


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel or withdraw before June 1, 2022 a $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund. Thereafter no refunds are available. 




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