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Writers' Room: TV Writing with Mel Mogollon (in person Session 1 22) is a Course

Writers' Room: TV Writing with Mel Mogollon (in person Session 1 22)


$2,500 Enroll

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There is a separate application process for this course. If you have not been accepted into the Iowa Young Writers' Studio Summer Residential Program you are not eligible to enroll.


WRITERS’ ROOM (TV Writing with Mel Mogollon)


If you absolutely live for TV, this class is for you. If you’ve ever binged countless episodes over many sleepless nights, this class is for you. If the people in your life have ever wanted you to please – JUST STOP – talking about your favorite TV show all the time, this class is for you. And if you’ve ever felt like those same TV show characters could be your real family and friends – you’ve cried and screamed for them – this class is definitely for you. 


Whether you want to write in a group, or analyze characters and plots with fellow TV fans like yourself, you will have a place in this class. We will cover the basics of screenwriting and explore the art of collaboration. Get ready to build a world that we want, with timely characters and compelling themes that resonate with each of us.


Our task ahead is exciting: Every writers’ room is different, and this summer we will get to design our very own. We will create the overview of a television series and complete its pilot script. As a group, we will decide how to best split up the characters, plot, beats, and scenes, and explore our individual goals and strengths as writers. Each student will be assigned a portion of the pilot and series synopsis, and then we will carefully and intentionally thread that material together. 


Come if you like working with others, come if you love riffing off ideas with your best friend, or if you simply want to take on the challenge of working with someone new. As a seasoned writer once said, “To be good writers, we must be good readers. But to be good readers, we must get up and live our lives.” People and experiences can make us better writers. This is a great chance to figure out how.



Outside of workshops, our seminars will also give you the space to brainstorm and develop your own future pilot or series ideas, and will prepare you to walk away ready to create.


Melissa Mogollon is a fiction writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. A big fan of Rihanna and ceviche, she spends most of her time drinking lattes and skating with her partner and dog. Born in Colombia and raised in South Florida, Melissa is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and has a background in communications and education. She holds a BA in Political Science from GWU. Her writing can be found in The Bare Life Review, Thought Catalog, Best Buds! Collective, and more. Her debut novel OYE is forthcoming from Hogarth Books.




The fee for this course, which includes the fee for the 2-week session of the Summer Residential Program, is $2,500. Payment in full is required to enroll in the course.


Note: Your credit card payment will be processed by an external provider and will appear on your credit card statement as “UI Writing—Magid Center."


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel or withdraw before June 1, 2022 a $100 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund. Thereafter no refunds are available. 




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